I have for a while now written the odd blog post on other forms of social media but thought it was about time I consolidated these all into one place.

So welcome to my blog!

My name is Lauren and in my 24 years of life I have finished school and college, attempted university, traveled quite a lot, played hockey at a range of levels, had a life changing stroke when I was 20 and since been diagnosed with Beh├žet’s disease.

I am hoping that my blog will be a mixture of my struggles with living with a chronic illness but also about my other passions. I enjoy exploring new places with my dog in tow, reading a range of different books and experimenting with new foods. I am hoping that you find it interesting to read with a good mixture of laughs and even maybe the odd tear to catch you off guard.

There is a stigma attached to chronic illness and I am fortunate enough to still be able to do the things I love most the time. However, this is mixed with having to deal with chronic pain and fatigue so it is all about the balance. Yes, sometimes I am in a wheelchair and yes sometimes I have to retire to my bed or hospital for days on end but I try to take it all in my stride (yes, all 5″1 of it!!)

My goal is that even if I help just one person with my writing then I have achieved what I wanted.

Thank you for taking the time to read

Lauren xx