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Getting #strikingbackatstroke out there

This past week has been crazy in terms of fitting in different media opportunities and promotional interviews. This is extremely exciting and on top of this I have managed to gain sponsorship for #strikingbackatstroke merchandise as well as buying my first ever wetsuit and getting serious about a triathlon.


So I will break down what is happening but in the next week you will be seeing more and more or my story. Firstly, on Monday I am going to be the face of The Stroke Association’s Strike Back fund. Then on Wednesday I am going to be on my local radio station and also be in my local newspaper. It is amazing that I am getting more awareness out there and people are wanting to get involved.


I met with one of our really good family friends today who has just qualified for the world iron man triathlon championships in Hawaii in October! How crazy is that. Anyway, he has given me lots and lots of advice and helped me choose which wetsuit was suitable. Next weekend he is planning on taking me for my first proper open water swim which is exciting but also terrifying. With less than a month away until my first event I definitely need to start practicing. I don’t think going to an aqua park is really on the same sort of level!


As I have already mentioned my #strikingbackatstroke campaign is growing more and more and below is a picture of what my t-shirts and hoodies will look like. They can transfer the design onto all sorts of items so hopefully it will grow into bigger and better things. I am selling these with personalisation so it is individual to the wearer but also gets my message out there. I am so so excited about these and next week I will be purchasing the first order. If anyone reading this wants to get involved then please please please get in touch.


As always thank you all for being amazing and for all of your support xx 19894769_10155524703707813_1015436089990014177_n



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