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Me, my dog and my camera

So this is my last week of being signed off sick. A lot of people would say I am lucky to have had almost 3 months off work but I can’t wait to go back to having some sort of routine in my life! I probably won’t be saying the same after a few days though!

With only a few days left I am trying to make the most of being off work without doing too much. Today, for example, I went to the dentist (one of the things I hate), went into town with my sister and then went on a long dog walk by myself with Maisie and my camera.

I am really starting to get into this photography stuff and even purchased a photography magazine today to try and get some expert tips to attempt to make me take ‘proper’ pictures. I love making and keeping memories and I take after my Granddad who also loves to document everything with a photo. When I first came out of hospital I wanted to do something which I could do even when I was in a wheelchair or not able to get out too much and this is where I came up with the idea of getting a half decent camera.

For anyone who knows about photography you will know its an absolute nightmare knowing where to start with so many different brands and then different types of cameras. In the end I went for a mid range bridge camera and got a Nikon B500 which so far I absolutely love. I have to admit what sold it to me was the fact that the screen tilts so you can see it from all angles.

So essentially what I am trying to say is that if you give it time I may *cough* be the next big photographer. Okay….so this is not likely but you will probably start seeing more and more amateur photos which I take as I love doing it!.

Next step is to go to the beach soon as taking photos at the beach is my ideal shooting location! If anyone wants to volunteer to come with me then you are more than welcome. You can never go to the coast too much.



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